Tuesday, December 28, 2010

OMG,is Mask Rider~!!! XD

I always admire & wanted a fair and soft and juicy(juicy?=.="') skin like Song Hye Kyo(宋慧乔),hehe~her skin is PERFECT~!!!
c? without make up also very pretty face~love ya~^^
To have a HK face,mask is a MUST!!!
But What is a mask and what mask bring to us???
Facial masks are not a recent beauty invention. People have used variations of the facial mask for centuries. Accounts of river clay, mud and fruit being applied to the face for beauty purposes can be found in various cultures. In modern medicine, facial masks sometimes take traditional facial recipes and combine them with more modern chemicals and solutions (such as vitamin extracts).
However, facial masks can be an important element in cleaning and purifying facial skin in preparation for other skin treatments. For example, facial masks can be used to clean and tone skin before the application of makeup. Also, facial masks can be used for health and medical purposes (such as soothing sunburned skin). Knowing the various types of facial masks, as well as how these facials are used, may affect other aspects of your personal skin care.
Hahaha,after reading the article,do you know more about mask now?hehe~
No matter your answer is yes or no,please allow me demonstrate you the way to apply powder face mask,=p
This are the mask i'm going to use today,=) it helps to -smooth out stress and age-related living lines,-Oxygenates the skin to facilitate toxic elimination,-Rejuvenates and energizes the skin cell~Someone brought me at Ipoh shopping centre,a shop name "Black Queen" if i'm not mistaken.But actually u can get it at Queensbay mall or PriginMall's Black Queen too~The quantity inside are enough for one person 6-7 times,but it is depends on how you use it~
And here are the tools we needed~
A mask Brush and a small bowl
Small spoon,i brought them together with the bowl and the brush,its all in a package,=)

OK,is already too late,so lets get start now~ ^~^

First,pour the powder inside the small bowl with medium spoon,(the 2nd spoon count from right).Because me and my mom's face are quite small,so I just add 2 medium spoon and 1 small spoon for 2 person,(1-2 spoon for 1 person).
Second,add 3 medium spoon and 1 small spoon of water on it,(2 spoon of powder : 3-4 medium spoon of water,something like that).If you afraid it become too watery,you can add 2 medium spoon of water first,after that just decide how much water you need to put in~
It become like this after i put in 2 medium spoon of water
Lastly,stir it gently with your brush.After it become thick like this,you can apply it on your face~
Just like this~ =)
Hehehehe~thanks mommy to become my model~now she is the one who become Mask Rider~ XD
After apply,leave it on your face for 20 minutes,and than wash it off.
Here are my mom's face after she wash off her mask~
and here are mine~
(how stupid i look when no make up and tie up all my hair...T^T)
 i forget to take the "before" picture,sorry~ >.< but can you guys c the different from me and my mom?
I think its kinda work on my face,my skin become brighter and softer and my pores are minimize now~HORRAY~hahahaha~ XD 
And Thats all for my story today,Please share with me your experience on mask too =D
good night everyone~
Sweet dream♥ ^~^

Saturday, December 25, 2010

My X'mas Make up~alone again this year~ ^^

Merry Christmas to everyone~ Do you enjoy your day today? ^^
You guys sure have a wonderful time with family and friends,and i enjoy my day myself~hahahaha~YUP~ i'm single again this year~ =p
So~ for those girls who have their celebration,what is your make up for today?
Because of nothing to do,(what a lame reason,=.=) I play around with my cosmetics again,hahaha.I am not specialize in make up,just want to share with you all,it's just for fun,so don't get mad on me if i have done something wrong~^^
First,after put on Contact lens ---> toner --> moisturisor --> make up base ---> bb cream ---> Concealer ---> liquid foundation ---> loose powder.(and double-edged eyelid sticker if you need it~ ^^)
My ungly face~haha~  >.<

After finish put on base,now comes the eye shadow~~~
First,apply colour Z on eyelid
Second,apply colour A on the eye socket (above doubl-edged eyelid),then apply colour B under & end of the double-edged eyelid .Just like picture at the bottom, =)
Next,open your eye,and apply colour C under the eyes and 1/3 colour D at the end of the eyes.Colour Z again for those yellow icon~
After that,apply your eye liner,mascara and fake lashes on.Yeah~I have done for the eyes part~ ^~^
And last one,apply on brushes b and lipstick a~ hehehe~ here comes the Finish look~

If I tie up my hair~
If i put on a hairband~
This is my look for Christmas this year~ hehehe~ Wish you all again: Merry Christmas & Happy New year~ 

Friday, December 24, 2010

Yohoo~! I get my new trophies again~!!! XD

Beige Colour High heel~
Only at RM25!!!
Location:PriginMall, Step
Thanks my best friend Wan Yee for telling me Step is doing promotion~!!! I Love U soooo much~ XD
Red Dermatine Bag~
RM29.90!!! (discount RM10)
Location:PriginMall, OGC
OMG,I just love the colour sooo much~!!!
Hot Pink Kitty Cat Contact Lens case~
Location:PriginMall, YiKouJia
I want this contact lens case for so a long time,but other places sell it too expensive~ >.<
Finally let me get it in a worth price~
Do you guys know what candy Is this???
This is the Big white rabbit Candy which been ban for a while~
I miss this candy so much,but it is a bit expensive~ >.<
RM3.20 for 100gm
Location: Priginmall,native product shop
Well,thats all for my day~ Thanks for reading guys~Good Night everyone~ =p

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What about New Year New Hair Style ❤ ?

Its been few days i did not update my blog,
because i'm sick within this few days~
Fever,sore throat,and suffer~T^T
 But i almost recover now~hehe,thanks for my sister,
actually she is sick too,but as a elder sister she take good care of me,
Thanks sis~ =D
Ok,what's now???
 Haha~Actually I was thinking about new hair style for next year recently~
Should I cut? perm? rebonding? dye? 
 I prefer to have long bang this year,
so i have search some example for the latest long bang hair style~
 i prefer this hair style most~
Is it suitable for me??? I need some opinion and suggestion~
Feel free to leave me any comments ya~
Night night everyone~ =D

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

RED EARTH Wish in Colour ALL-in-ONE KIT & SASA pink bear head recycle bag~

In my last post,i had told you guys about the RED EARTH CHIRSTMAS SET,but actually its name is RED EARTH WISH in COLOUR ALL-in-ONE KIT,lol,sorry for my mistake~
Red earth Wishes in Colour

The free clutch~so sweet~Love it~

The Clour kit ~
is it the colour so nice???
I brought this clour kit from SASA at 1st Avenue~It is at 1st floor there~and i had buy a recycle back from there too~ ^^ Lets take a look~
It looks like a tiny coin purse,and it's design are cute,its a PINK BEAR!!!
The recycle back is keep inside the head~LOL
When take it out,it looks kinda large~~~nice~

Hahahaha,and now in SASA,if you buy up to RM100,they will free you a Neogence Make up base sample~
Neogence whitening make up base
Here is my today's sharing,but i haven try them yet,hahahaha.Hope you all like it~ =)
Good Nightzzz everyone~ see you all at my next post~ =P

Monday, December 13, 2010

A steam day + Red Earth Chirstmas gift set !!!

Last Saturday when i go watch Rapunzel alone,
i actually have sneak inside SASA
why I use the word "sneak"???
Because i am hiding myself from my conscience,hahahaha
I already spend too much for this month,
but buy a cosmetic set as a Christmas gift for myself is my wish since 5 years ago,
so i still keep survey,haha =D
Finally,I had found one in SASA,
it is quality guarantee and the price are lovely~
YES,It is RED EARTH cosmetic pouch set!!!
It have 4 eye shadow,4 lipstick,and a big big big brusher~
Isn't it very worth to buy??? Is it???
Actually i already seriously out of cash that time,
but the sales girl are too warm reception,
so i play the sales girl a plane,
i'm really really sorry about this girl,
but i cant fight win my conscience and buy from you... =(
But after i went back home,i really cant stop thinking about the gift set,
it some more appear in my dream last night,
LOL,i'm regret i did not buy it.
I would like to share with you all the picture,
but no matter how i find,it still din appear in google..haiz...
but never mind,if i buy it,i will share with you all,
but till now i still fight with my conscience,
wish me have make a good decision guys,LOL~
Good night then, ;P

Saturday, December 11, 2010

weekend alone....

Today's weather a bit cloudy and sprinkle,i'm going to watch RAPUNZEL alone at Gurney...but before going out,i won't forget to have my make up and take picture~ ^^but the wind have make my hair look so messy...haiz...>.<

 I'm having my lunch at a Japanese restaurant,the food there so nice,i had been there for once with my friend,now is the second time~i forget to take picture about those nice food,maybe next time~ and i really love TEA~ :]

Before having my lunch,i had my ticket first~ yippie~ finally can watch it~

The movie are sooo nice!!! Now my new favourite movie are RAPUNZEL for sure~The songs and the story are amazing!!! After so many years,Disney finally came out a drama type movie again!!! I love ALL the Disney old version movie,especially they are using hand drawing!!!! OH~DISNEY~pls bring us more this kind of movie~ LOVE YOU~ ^^

It is kinda tired to walk back home from Macherister Road(if i did not spell the name wrong)to Burma road which i stay,but it is quite a special experienced,but i don't want anymore next time,hahahaha... =D

Here are my few edited photos for today~haha,i dint edit too much,just background colour and add my name~

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