Saturday, December 17, 2011

Review: Silky Girl Magic BB Powder Foundation

Merry Christmas everyone~ Is been a LONG TIME I did not renew my blog~ :p
Since Christmas is coming, Sales are every where~ do you girls get your shopping bag and purse ready ?  LOL

This time I would like to share my new favourite Powder Foundation : Silky Girl Magic BB Powder Foundation. I get it only at RM12.90 in WATSON, the price before discount is RM17.90! It is super duper WORTH~!

Most of the people do not believe on products that are more cheaper because they suspect the products quality and ingredients are not good enough. But sometimes people are only affected by the popular brands name and the attractive advertising. I'm not saying that branded products are not good, I'm just saying that products with friendly prices can have the same effect like branded too.

 Before I bought this powder foundation, I already try it on my hands and under neck for several time, It quite impressing me with its soft and fine powder, that's why I grab it~ ;)

I must say that I'm very surprising on this Powder Foundation. First of all, I am a Liquid Foundation Lover and I hate the cakey look created by powder foundation, REALLY HATE IT ! I more prefer the natural, glowing, healthy skin look created by liquid foundation, this is my principle on choosing foundation.
I only use powder foundation as compact powder to fix my make up for longer lasting hour and make my skin more smooth. 

02 Natural
This is the color tone I pick, 02 Natural. it is more to yellow tone. I was once afraid that the color tone might not suit to me, because my skin tone are slightly fair than the color. But thanks god it suit on my skin well~ :D

The powder are very LIGHT, SOFT and FINE, just like silk. When I put it on my face, I was pretty impressing with the light and smooth feeling! Although it doesn't have a good coverage ( because it is light.), but it still can cover my pores when I apply it the second time. It even my skin tones pretty well, and doesn't make my face looks cakey. The only thing this powder foundation doesn't give are the lasting hour.
my right cheek, do you see the redness on it?
after apply twice with the sponge inside.
As you can see, this BB powder foundation had cover my redness and uneven skin tone pretty well and had minimize my pores too. And it doesn't make my skin tone looks too yellowish because the powder is really fine. :)

What I like on this product: 
* Coverage
It is pretty impress to have such coverage with its fine powder.
I like the LIGHT texture very much, it is light and soft,doesn't make your face look likes wearing a mask.
The tactility after applying is very smooth, but doesn't looks heavy.
It is damn affordable, much suit to student who has no income just like me. ;)
You can get it from Watsons, Gurdians, or any Hypermarket in Malaysia.

What I don't like on this product:
*Lasting hour
The lasting hour is only about 2~3 hours if you did not apply a base.
*The Sponge
Sponge must be clean every month to avoid break out,and I'm lazy,haha :p

This product is satisfied me as long as I'm using it as a compact powder to fix my liquid foundation and refined my make up when I'm outgoing. It already done its job well, BRAVO for local products,so proud on it. :D
and just for reminding, don't be lazy or forget to remove your make-up before you get into your bed. This is very important steps that cannot be skip if you want to have a healthy skin.

Thanks for reading.If you like my sharing,please follow me as well. Have a great day, Merry Christmas. Gracias  :)

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