Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Warming Up! Long Time No See~!

Is been a long time again,and the blog are now revive again! Hahaha, Just a warming up post, how are you guys been doing? Too many things happen to me within this few month, Happy,Exited,Shock,Sad, Confuse,and much much more are Regret...but life still have to going on isn't it? :)

Anyway,I had launched a online business in Facebook since march 2012, - Venus Beauty Secret- ,selling some cosmetics and skin care products,slimming products, such as Taiwan handmade Fake Eyelashes, Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream, Derisa Princess Mask, Hair Iron, Fast Thin Body Men & Women slimming capsule. Most are in Ready Stock.In the future, Solone Eyeliner Gel and other series of eyeliner are coming in. and Mini Princess Foot Spa too! Those are wonderful product that are worth to try,so feel free to have a look anytime! :D

here is the link of my page in Facebook :

Although the business is still a little baby, but I believe that one day she will grow up to a strong,and beautiful lady. Chinese and English language are shown in the page, those who are interest can come and ask me anything,anytime. Please like my page for support ya! see you all in the next post! ^^

RM180 per bottle (350mg,60 capsule) , buy 3 free 1

5 pairs RM10, 10 pairs RM18

RM75 per bottle (50g), RM80 include post laju

1/pc for RM3, 3/pc for RM10, 5/pc for RM15, 10/pc for RM25

RM25/pc ,RM30 include post laju
RM25/pc, RM30 include post laju

Coming Soon!

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